Spread over almost 4 acres, the school campus is geared to provide facilities for all curricular and co-curricular activities.


Students of all classes right from LKG onwards are encouraged to read a lot of books. Every class is given a set of 40 books section-wise so that children read atleast 1 book per week. We have a fairly large collection of books of different types.

Teaching Through AV

To complement the Lessons, students are taught through Software as and when necessary. Every class has been given a system with an LED TV.


The school has fully equipped Laboratories for Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Montessori.


We have 1 62.5 KVA generator , 1 10 KVA generator and 1 5 KVA generator for emergency purposes during power failures. We have provided for this so that School work does not suffer & Water Coolers, AV rooms, Computer labs etc work smoothly even during power-cuts imposed.


The R.O. Plant in school removes contaminants in water and thus is a healthy way to provide clean, refreshing water to our kids.

Printers & Photocopying

Since the Council indicates only the topics & not the text books our teachers prepare many worksheets. We also prepare our own question papers for all the tests & exams.


The Tuck Shop in the School sells Stationery Items, outline Maps and a few healthy short-eats like branded biscuits, chocolates, “Moong”, chilled Flavoured Milk, Fruit Juice, Ice Creams & Gluco +.

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