Our Memorable visit to Inba Illam took place on the 16th of October, 2017. We had been planning for this trip for three months and had finally executed it on this day. Our visit was a part of the proceedings of the “Make a Difference” committee.

The contribution of the basic necessities such as soaps, biscuits, shampoos, toothbrushes and other various commodities were made by the students from classes 3 to 12.

The Collected items were divided into two portions and packed.

The first visit was to Mother Teresa Home. The contributions from students were handed over to the Sister – in-charge.

She expressed her gratitude and happiness and we thanked them for accepting it, giving us the opportunity to contribute and make a difference in our own small way.

Our next visit was to Inba Illam.

We started off at 12.30 pm with great enthusiasm and reached there in about 15 minutes. We were immediately greeted with warm hugs and smiles. The residents of Inba Illam were very happy to receive us and we engaged them in heartfelt banter.

Even though their faces exhibited genuine happiness, their sorrowful eyes had something hidden in them which welled up our eyes with tears. The time we spent there was a very short one but it made us realize a lot of things, including the respect that should be given to our parents and elders. It was an unforgettable experience which in a short span of time taught us a lot. It made us realize that we should cherish our time with parents, and yes, as the saying goes “Old is Gold” we were reminded that no one can replace our parents and the sacrifices they make for us.

                                                                                                                             SHAMA MARTIN AND DEVKI MISHRA (XI B)


The students of class 11 started their journey to the St.Joseph Blind School on the afternoon of 21st December. We were 12 in number. We were welcomed by the school’s Headmistress Ms.Mary. The students of the blind school were walking in lines. We all were stunned at the sight of it. The auditorium was packed with students from grade 2 to grade 10. There were about 50 students, maintaining absolute silence. The students in the auditorium were so curious to know who we were and where we come from and so we introduced ourselves. They show-cased their talents like dance, vocals and Braille reading-English and Tamil. The whole crowd was so energetic and enthusiastic throughout our stay. The one thing that shook me was that they volunteered on their own for everything. And the funny part was, they wanted us to show our talents and being jeevanites, we did it! We distributed plum cakes as it was Christmas time and they happily accepted it. There were other staff and students inside the building and we distributed the plum cakes to them with the help of our little friends over there. We came out with a heavy heart and we sincerely prayed to God shower his blessings on them.Your One-Stop Shop

                                                                                                                                                                             K.MAHATHY (XI – A)

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