Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message


After  working in Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Mysore and the Lawrence school , Love dale,  for nearly two decades, I went to the US to do my MS. That is when I was introduced to many good schools in US and also UK where children were allowed to think and work independently. My  visits to the schools founded by J.Krishnamurthy further kindled in me the fire and I started dreaming of a school along similar lines. Vikaasa, where I worked as a Principal for fourteen years provided me scope to experiment.

Also, many parents of Vikaasa were happy with their ward’s education. I felt the school I start must give ample scope for children to express themselves freely

There should be no punishments, particularly no corporal punishments and children must be encouraged to pursue aspects which they are good in. The school should take parents into confidence in helping the children.

One aspect, which was a great success in Vikaasa was that there were no examinations till Std VIII. In Jeevana now we do not have exams till Std IV. Many other experiments that I had initially tried in Vikaasa, are even today being continued in Jeevana. Freedom to grow and realize their potential has been my objective not only for children but also for teachers and I am more than satisfied and happy to see the results. Many teachers who had worked with me are today leading schools as successful Heads and most of my old students have proved to be thinking individuals in their organizations.

All the people who are working with me for Jeevana have an open mind and are ever ready to take progressive and innovative steps. I am confident that Jeevana will gift useful members to the society.

The school is now into its 35th year and continues to enhance education with technological aids. The school has various programs like Prep-my-skills, Mindspark, Extra Marks,Mental Ability, Games, various Co-curricular/club activities, SUPW, Karate, Yoga, Aero modelling, Career Guidance, Lakshaya (IIT/NEET) Training classes, Life skills for students & Happy Parenting workshops for parents. Taking this forward, the new website has been launched.

It is also our endeavour to have a close interaction with our parents and we do hope that the website takes us closer to this goal.

Wishing, the teachers, parents and students an exciting 2019.

Chairman & Founder of Jeevana

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