An appeal

An appeal


Dear parents, Well Wishers & Old Students,

Education is the keyword to success today. There are many people who have realized this and hence the increasing numbers in students aspiring to study in professional colleges.

With a view to helping meritorious but poor students, for the last few years, the Jeevana Educational Trust and Society has been offering scholarships. Many deserving students have been helped and they are very grateful for such help.

We want to help more students by way of scholarships & training at the plus two level as there are many more who need such help. We are also aiming at a village improvement programme. We request you to contribute to these endeavors. However small your donation may be, it will be accepted gracefully with gratitude.

You may send your donation directly to the trust & society accounts given below with information to the undersigned. You will be given an acknowledgment for the donation.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Details of the trust and society account
  • Bank of Barado, S.S.Colony, Madurai-10, India. A/C No: 05550100001492.
  • Bank of India, S.S.Colony, Madurai-10, India. A/C No: 826810100001307.
  • State bank of Mysore, BSK II Stage, Bangalore-560070, India. A/C No: 54011067348.
  • Bank of Maharashtra, 18th A Main, 5th block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore-560080, India. A/C No: 60035875012
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